Work Experience

TELUS Communications2014 - 2017

Design Specialist - Emerging Mobile Solutions Team

Built and tested innovative ideas using new technology using JavaScript frameworks. Stayed current with the mobile technology curve to lead and advise others in the organization to build better, faster, and cheaper

  • Developed Node.js SDK for TELUS' Authentication and API platform for quicker implementations by internal teams and third parties
  • Worked on a team to create a Node.js Framework to Create/Remove/Update/Delete resources utilizing Express.js, MongoDB and JSON Web Tokens. This was utilized to get many projects, PoC's and Hackathons running quickly. We had to build this because TELUS Security prevented us from using cloud services
  • Created Proof of Concept of a Facebook chatbot with TELUS identity integration. Demonstrating linking a Facebook ID with a TELUS ID and allowing customers to make Facebook Messenger chat requests to get information on their account
  • Created PoC showing 'Login with TELUS' button, that third party services could implement on their website, similar to Facebook and Google are used as authentication providers.
  • Created microservice which would receive SIP packets from IMS and deliver push notifications allowing mobile applications to receive notifications when they are not actively connected to the IMS network
  • Leader of integrations with TELUS Identity and API's across our app portfolio, ensuring quick development times and code reuse
  • Leader of the IPv6 Compatibility program, ensuring all applications are ready for IPv6-only networks launching in 2017

TELUS Communications2013 - 2014

Engineer in Training

Graduate Engineering Program - 3rd Rotation - Identity and API

  • Created Proof of Concept demonstrating a single app to handle all authentication across TELUS apps and services
  • Created Proof of Concept of an Eventing Platform which allow applications to subscribe to network events obtained through network probes

TELUS Communications2012 - 2013

Engineer in Training

Graduate Engineering Program - 2nd Rotation - Voice Services

  • Lab testing of IMS before deployment, preparing to launch VoIP over LTE
  • Proof of Concept using WebRTC, showing that high quality video can easily be achieved through web pages without the drawbacks of SIP, demonstrating a threat to a core TELUS service

TELUS Communications2011 - 2012

Engineer in Training

Graduate Engineering Program - 1st Rotation - Project Management

  • Managed and delivered $20M of capital projects.
  • Upgraded an existing Excel spreadsheet for the team with macros to automate tedious monthly and quarterly tasks.

Designfusion2009 - 2011

IT Sysadmin

Co-administrator of the IT Systems for a small B2B sales business. Made considerable advances in automated processes reducing time for sales and accounting

  • Salesforce management and process automation
  • Automated process to load sales quotes from Salesforce into accounting
  • Built a custom tool for a sales lead to convert files from their existing workflow to a SIEMENS Teamcenter file, resulting in a successful sale


University of Toronto2004 - 2009

Computer Engineering (Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering)
  • Software Development
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • Wireless Communication


  • Front End Web Development Master

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • Polymer
  • Back End Web Development Master

    • NodeJS
    • Express
    • Facebook Chat Bots
    • MySQL and NoSQL databases
    • JWT, OAuth
  • Cloud Services Master

    • Google Cloud
    • Amazon web services
    • Firebase
  • Interpersonal Skills Master

    • Project Management
    • Training and mentoring
    • Public speaking
    • Proficient on solo-projects and within teams
  • Native Apps Intermediate

    • React Native
    • XCode - Swift
    • Android - Java


  • English Native speaker and writer

  • Italian Beginner speaker and writer